Southwestern Chicken Fajita Wraps

Prep Time:

Cook Time:




1 can (11 oz) Southwestern style corn, undrained

1 small tomato, seeded, chopped (1/3 cup)

1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper (cayenne)

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons vegetable oil

1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into thin strips

1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin

1 medium onion, cut into thin wedges

1 medium green bell pepper, cut into thin strips

1 package (11 oz) Old El Paso™ flour tortillas for burritos (8 tortillas; 8 inch), heated as directed on package

1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese (4 oz)

Old El Paso™ Thick ‘n Chunky salsa, if desired

Sour cream, if desired


Combine Jacoub’s Fajita Seasoning, lime juice and 1 tbsp of oil in a bowl. Add the steak, then stand at room temperature to marinate for up to 15 minutes.

Heat the remaining tbsp of oil in a large frypan over medium-high heat, then add the capsicum and onion. Cook, stirring, for 2-3 minutes until softened.

Remove from the frypan and keep warm. In 2 batches, add the steak to the pan and cook, turning, for 2-3 minutes until brown. 

Remove from heat, then return the vegetables to the pan and stir through the coriander.

Fill the tortillas with steak mixture, top with sour cream and guacamole, and serve with lime wedges.

Pro Tip

A warm tortilla makes for a nicer-tasting burrito, but it also makes the tortilla more pliable and easier to wrap. Warm the tortilla for about 10 seconds on each side in a hot skillet. Don’t let it get crispy.